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Use and consumption

What is Hemp-Fu?

Hemp-Fu is made from extracted seeds of hemp, this new product is one new conception with even more nutritional food values than traditional tofu.

Hemp-Fu fu is the best choice for all dishes to substitute all the most important amino acids.
The absence of Soya and the gluten-free property makes Hemp–fu the ideal for those who are not tolerant to these foods.
All the essential amino acids are well represented in this product and all together the contents of such substances are in quantity more than cereals and legumes.

The reports of the nutritional analysis we did to test Hemp-fu, discover that it is an optimum food for:

1. Global protect contribution
2. Presence and homogeneity elements and all amino acids
3. Correct quantity of sulpher amino acids.
4. Considerable contribution of lysine and metionina
5. Presence of fibers

Grill Hemp-Fu
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