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We are a small artisan company operating in the sector of alternative food production. Our products are: Tofu, Seitan, Vegetarian Tofu Hamburgers, Ragout and Tofu Patè. Our aim is to produce foods of high quality using exclusively vegetable raw materials of biological origin.

The firm is structured as an artisan business. The coordinator is Cannistrà Daniele, who is the commercial and technical representative.

The project began many years ago from an idea of the founder who, being vegetarian and an attentive consumer of biological products, had a problem finding healthy, genuine but above all good and reasonably priced products on the market
Thanks to the awareness of the careful and demanding consumer combined with an experience of the Orient (where they use simple and ancient techniques) Armonia e Bontà was founded on the site of  various Tofu production workshops.
The experience of the Orient and the inventiveness of the artisan of flavours have allowed the combining of traditional Asiatic flavours with Mediterranean requirements. So a product was created that merges the important properties of Tofu with the western demands for a more correct and balanced diet.

Armonia e Bontà works in an artisan manner taking particular care of the workmanship so as to obtain a home-made product, but with the quality of a modern productive system.
To this purpose, a simple and effective computer system is applied in all the phases of the production process, starting from the selection of the suppliers and the raw materials, that guarantees  the tracing of every single ingredient, and every individual phase of the production is kept under control so as to always guarantee the highest quality of the production system.
In addition we have the certification of a corporate body in charge of overseeing the biological method, which is another 100% guarantee for the final consumer.
Our products are prepared using exclusively vegetable ingredients, therefore they are without milk, eggs, and added sugars.
The extreme flexibility of the productive process of our laboratory allows us to make changes to the products on the price-list to meet any particular requirements of our customers either as far as packaging is concerned, or regarding the use of some ingredients not to their liking, if need be  replacing them with others requested by the customer so as to meet the demands of local culinary traditions.
This way of operating allows us to cover the whole of the national territory satisfying the needs of culinary habits in every part of Italy.

Our laboratory is situated in Crema a small town of the Padana plain just a few kms from Milan. We distribute our products using couriers with refrigerated transport, either directly or through our distributors.

-Shops specialized in the sale of natural foods: Organic TOFU and SEITAN
-Herbalists' Shops                                                       
-Delicatessens specialized in natural cooking
-Vegetarian or vegan restaurants etc.
-Fair trade groups of Organic TOFU and SEITAN
-Canteens and cafeterias


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